Friday, April 7, 2017

Featured Model: Gays Naked

This European model is our current featured model. He enjoys working out and loves you watching him on cam! Make sure to check him out at  

Question 1: How long have you been camming?
I've been camming for 4 years.

Question 2: What first interested you in camming?
Being exposed and being watched while having sex are my absolute turn on.

Question 3: What has been your best experience while camming?
It was when I had hundreds and hundreds of viewers at a duo show cheering on and on.

Question 4: What has been the funniest moment that you have had on cam?
I often laugh when I read funny comments. But the funniest thing was as a guy from India wanted to marry me. He was so serious and invited me to come to his place near Bombay.

Question 5: Anything that you would like to share with your fans? Like a hobby or anything else that you would like to share.
I like doing workout a lot - not in a gym but in nature and fully naked.

Question 6: What is your favorite thing to do on cam?
Showing off everything and reading the comment: "you're so hot!"

Question 7: What's your favorite color?

Question 8: When is your birthday (just month & day)?
11 / 10

Question 9: How many sex toys do you own?
I have three: dildo, buttplug and love balls.

Question 11: What is the link to your cam room?

Question 12: Are you on twitter?