Sunday, January 29, 2017



  My name is Lilly and I will be conducting the model interviews for
blog. I, myself am a cam model, but I consider myself semi-retired. I used to cam often, but now it is down to only maybe 3 or 4 shows per year. I do work behind the scenes a lot, not only with Mike with Cam Angels, but helping models. This may include advice, tips and I'm also a photographer that can provide models pictures for promotion and content. No, this isn't a sales pitch. haha

I started camming to help spice up things in my marriage in 2012. I never expected to make such great friends along the way. That's not just a line. I'm serious! I love all my fans, but have made some really great friends along the way. So shout out Stuart, Alan and Dennis. I have actually ran into a few of my fans in real life and everyone has been so respectful and excited. I just see myself as the girl next door, average type, so I'm just as surprised when you recognize me and I'm super flattered!

I have cammed on several different sites and nothing compares to this one. Everyone is different, but this is hands down the best site for me. The rare time that I do cam... it's here. You can visit my cam room here

I am very talkative on cam and love it when you interact with me in cam chat. I hate a silent cam room! I like to hang out with you all and talk about everything from music to video games, but you'll never know when Mr. Magic Wand might pop on my cam show for a visit. I am from the South and I'm short 5'1". I'm very pale, so my cam name is appropriate (Lilly White Booty). I have posted a few pics and screenshots below.

I just wanted to give you a little of my background information, as I will be the writer for the Featured Model posts.

If you are interested in becoming a Featured Model for please feel free to contact me on Twitter @lillywhitebooty ( )